WWI German Red Cross
General's Shoulderboards

Nazi Navy Collar Drape
Kriegsmarine WWII

WWII Nazi German Belts
Luftwaffe and Heer

WWII SA Officer's
Cavalry Collar Tab

Nazi Panzer Leather
Motorcycle Pants

WWII Nazi Afrika Korp
DAK Minty Short Pants

WWII Asst. Metal Insignia
7 Pips, 1 LW Officer Wings, & 1 Hat Eagle

Nazi Black Eagle
WW2 T-shirt Patch

Nazi "Drums" Belt Buckle
& RAD Bandsman Swallows Nests

WWII Nazi Fire Police
Single Shoulderboards

WWII German Police
Pair of Shoulderboards

WWI Imperial German Navy
1st Lt. Shoulderboards Pair